Service car rental for short term contract period for juristic person and state enterprise or personal who need service for daily or monthly rental contract for business trip travel safety from our service.


     Service car rental for high flexibility with contract period between 1-5 years for juristic person and state enterprises who need such services so as to reduce unnecessary internal expenses. And with stable monthly rental rate throughout contractual period, customers then can easily control their expenses. The company provides professional services of car rental, whereby customers can select a wide variety of car makes and models, plus supplementary accessories if they so wish.


     For our executive customers from abroad who need car rental services and drivers. We can respond to the needs of customers while providing excellent services at the same time. The aim of this car driver services is to support groups of customers who venture into businesses in Thailand and need comfort with high standard of safety and reliable services. Professional Chauffer Supply Company Limited always applies strict process of selection of drivers. All of its drivers are subjected to criminal records clearance, medical check-up, and must also attend a training program organized by the company’s professional driver service training school recognized by the Ministry of Education, the first and the only school of its kind in Thailand, which is the core of its services.