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บริษัท โปรเฟสชั่นแนล โซเฟอร์ ซัพพลาย จำกัด

Chauffeur Services

               The company provides, trains, educates and provides Chauffeur services for executives. with the selection of quality personnel With this team of experts for more than 30 years, we help reduce the burden of problems for organizations in recruiting, hiring and training Chauffeurs to meet the standards. well known among business executives. and investors, both Thai and foreign by continually improving service quality and receive the following prizes

Business Governance Award  8 Years ago  2016 - 2024

Good Governance 2021
Corporate Good Governance Awards

Year 2016   (Corporate Good Governance Awards)

Excellence Standard Good Governance Awards

Year 2017   (Excellence Standard Good Governance Awards)

Member of Thai Car Rental Association

Year 2018  Member of Thai Car Rental Association


Year 2019-2024 (Excellence Standard Good Governance Awards)

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Chauffeur quality from the Professional Chauffeur Service Training School

Professional Chauffeur Service Training School

       The Professional Chauffeur Service Training School has been foundedwith proper permission by the Ministry of Education on 28th May 2001,and it is the first prototype and pilot school in Thailand that has developeddrivers in the field of services of this kind under the control  and supervision of the Ministry of Education. The School is well aware of the safety and convenience of the employers,thus is focuses on recruitment,  training and evaluation of its student Chauffeurs, and view these as the most important tasks of our part.

         1. Select only chauffeurs with good driving experience.

         2. Check criminal records and require medical check-up,

             lung examination, eye test, blood test, etc., at a hospital, all of which could affect the safety of the passengers.

ดร. นฤมล.jpg

Dr. Naruemol Chotiwej (Head Teacher)

Customer Service Expert

Professional Driver Service Training School There are personnel specialists in customer service. As a result, quality trained executive drivers and has been accepted by customers for more than 25 years

  Curriculum Used in Professional Chauffeur Service Training

  • Service mind.

  • Accident prevention (No Drink Driving).

  • Traffic laws.

  • English language.

  • General knowledge that a professional chauffeur should be aware of.

  • Technical driving to prevent accidents at various places.

  • Prevention and basic rectification of accidents.

  • Motor car insurance.

  • Time management.

  • Professional chauffeur etiquettes.















1. All drivers must pass a physical examination. eye test from the hospital and passed a criminal background           check from the Royal Thai Police.

2. All drivers are trained by a professional driver service training school. There are tests, theory and practice.

3. The company does not allow drivers to use their cars for personal use under any circumstances.

4. The company is responsible for paying compensation. In the event that an employee must be terminated            from being an employee without being burdened by the cost of Contract party or service user.

5. The company proceeds to find replacement drivers. In the event that a full-time driver takes sick leave or            business leave

6. The company is responsible for welfare, social security, provident fund. or bonus rewards according to the          Company's performance

7. The company shall be responsible for the chauffeur’s welfare, social security, provident fund, or bonus               according to the results of operations of the company.

8. The company provides health checks for drivers annually.

9. All chauffeurs are required to have a medical check-up every year.

10.The company provides uniform for its chauffeurs for the purpose of good image.

Why choose our Chauffeur

บริษัท โปรเฟสชั่นแนล โซเฟอร์ ซัพพลาย จำกัด
Professional Chauffeur Supply Co., Ltd.

2585/8 (Opposite Klongtoey Market) Rama IV Rd. Klongtoey District Bangkok 10110

Tel: 02-204-0523-5
Fax: 02-204-0526-27

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