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รถยนต์ทดแทนเป็นรถของบริษัท 100% ไม่ใช่รถเช่าช่วง

Standard Maintenance  ISO 9001:2015 

Oil Change
49 check points
  • change engine oil Maintenance checks the whole system every 

  • 10,000 kilometers. or every 6 months change tire Set up a center to check the

  • suspension every 50,000 kilometers or every 2 years. Replace the

  • battery every 16 months. Change genuine parts and meet the

  • quality standards of the car set by the factory.

  • 49 check points (the most in the car rental business) Quality

  • control inspection (QA) from a standard car service center 24

  • 24 hours on-site car maintenance by Express Service

  • replacement vehicle for a car that has an accident or engine

  • failure Class 1 car insurance

Express Service
You can use a replacement vehicle during the repair or in the event of an accident.
replacement vehicle during the repair

Service Details

We provide replacement vehicles for customer service in the event of maintenance or car accidents.

  repair, on-site emergency 24 hours a day by Express Service
Express Service

We have a mechanic to check the broken car. Emergency of customers outside the area, 24 hours a day, free

Service Standards

Service Standards

Service Area

     Japanrent ( Thailand ) Public Company Limited has mechanical services in every part of country by joining with authorized car dealer regular services centers. Customers can use the regular service under the factory standard with the maximum convenient such as oil change, filter change and routine check up.

    We provide the roadside assistance service to all customers for any car breakdown such as engine problems, low batteries, flat tries and accidents. Our hot-line 24 hours operator can help you and prompt mechanic services. Customers will feel safe and relax while driving in our cars.

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